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Miriam Adahan

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Dr. Miriam Adahan

If you think that $40 is an outrageous price to pay for my tool kit, then think of how much it costs to take a child to a therapist! Think of how many parents feel like failures because their children suffer from narcissism, rage, anxiety and depressive disorders. We need tools to face the traumas, losses, insults and disappointments which we and our children inevitably experience. This kit will save your sanity and help you and your children develop self-control, self-confidence and good middos. I would not have been able to raise my own children to be effective, responsible adults without these tools. For example: 

1. THE FEELING RULER: From the age of three, you will teach your children to identify their feelings and learn to share them with others when appropriate. This helps them to move past the emotion and focus on possible solutions. The ruler also helps children become more sensitive to other people's feelings. You can use the ruler to understand the feelings of our Ima'hos and Avos as they went through painful events, so that when they encounter frustration, they will know that others have dealt with great losses and become strengthened by them.     

2. THE 3-MINUTE TIMER: You will see a list of over 30 possible uses for the timer, to help children practice patience, do their homework and be more cooperative about doing chores.

3. THE POINTS: You will use the points to encourage children overcome negative habits and to see the good in themselves and others.

4. THE SANITY CARDS – FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: This is the result of a lifetime effort to train my own mind to see what spiritual gain I can reap whenever there is a physical loss. These cards teach you to talk NESHAMA TALK throughout the day, even when your "animal brain" is telling you to scream, hit, withdraw, criticize or give up.

In short, this tool kit makes parenting exciting and helps you grow spiritually from the everyday irritations as well as the major assaults on your sense of self-worth.  

We have a very small "window of opportunity," between the ages of 2-8 when our children are most capable of being "programmed" to think of themselves in a positive manner. Learning the "victory method" is easy and brings immediate rewards in most cases. Children love it and need it. By putting the 39 SANITY CARDS on the wall and using them when someone is in distress, you teach your children the most valuable lesson of all, i.e., that we are spiritual beings who have descended into a difficult world for the purpose of bringing love, courage and faith. 

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