About Miriam Adahan

Hi!  This is Dr. Miriam Adahan here to help you learn the coping skills needed to turn life’s difficulties into opportunities for spiritual advancement.  We live in extremely troubled times, with existential threats to the existence of the entire world hanging over our heads as well as all the irritations, disappointments and annoyances of life which need to be confronted on a daily basis.

Welcome to the Miriam Adahan website.  You will find here various tools which will help you to feel better about your life and yourself.  These are the tools that I, myself, have used for the last 40 years to help myself and my students turn the difficulties in their lives into opportunities for spiritual growth.  I want you to know that your essence is a J.E.W.E.L., a wellspring of JOY, ENTHUSIASM, WISDOM, EQUANIMITY and LOVE.  There are no quick-fix solutions to our deepest problems.  However, as we learn to tap into this wellspring within ourselves, we will be able to bear the hurts, disappointments and losses which we all experience

I hope that my web site will be a source of inspiration and guidance.  Each of us has an internal wellspring of Joy, Empathy, Wisdom, Equanimity and Love – the initials of which are JEWEL.  All you need are the keys to unlock the door to your true spiritual home.This web site will enable you to:

  1. Download my books as e-books.
  2. Review my articles which have been published in various magazines and newspapers.
  3. Donate to the tax-exempt ADAHAN FUND FOR THE POOR.  Because the ADAHAN FUND has no office expenses or salaries to pay, every penny donated goes directly to help those who are most desperate, including:Children who will be expelled if their school fees are not paid.
    • Single mothers who cannot afford basic necessities such as food and clothing.
    • Terror victims who need support, as their trauma continues to wreak havoc on their lives even years after they were wounded.
    • Impoverished people who cannot afford medical expenses.


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