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Areas of Expertise


I am an expert in helping people recover from trauma, especially childhood abuse, and the shame, guilt and fear which accompany trauma, as well as the resulting depression and anxiety. We cannot “cure” all our problems, but we can learn how to self-soothe and self-regulate, much as people learn to manage diabetes or high blood pressure.  I have written 5 books on DOMESTIC ABUSE and can help you recognize if you are being abused and how to disconnect from the abuser and the lies they try to instill in our minds.



bi—polar , anxiety disorder

Have you been diagnosed as bipolar or suffering from anxiety disorder, panic disorder or depressive disorder? You might not believe it, but I can teach you NATURAL ways to heal these mood disorders.  Having a DIS-ORDER means you need more ORDER in your life! This is how I healed myself from these “labels.” I adopted an orderly life, with a food plan, an exercise plan, a work plan and a thought plan. When my life became more orderly, my nervous system calmed down and I began to heal.

I also want to help you to CONNECT THE DOTS between emotional instability and diet. Food has a great deal to do with mood. Healing your heart and your mind will require that you also heal your body of inflammation and toxins. You will feel calmer and more stable when you eat the foods that nourish your nervous system.



My Approach

My approach to healing is very eclectic. I use whatever works to help YOU take charge of your healing journey. This includes teaching you Torah wisdom, Recovery tools for emotional regulation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, hypnosis, Inner Child work, THE WORK (Byron Katie), and the use of nutritional supplements. It’s a truly wonderful experience to realize that you can liberate yourself from emotional anguish by learning self-compass and self-leadership. These tools will bring light into whatever darkness you are experiencing. 

My Approach
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